How will my donation be used?

100% of proceeds from the Be Silly Project are used for labor (ethical and fair wages) and materials only. All machinery, packaging, logistics and marketing efforts have been donated to the project by local Minnesota businesses.

Where did my contribution go help?

We are in the process of being able to share how donations are allocated. However, this is quite the feat for an all volunteer team! Please see our recipients page for the organizations we have helped to date. 

Can I donate to a specific hospital or organization in need?

We are evaluating our ability to manage this, however you can nominate an organization in need through our request help form. This will put them on our list of organizations that need help and is the best way to support them paired with a donation. 

Our project

Can I start my own fundraiser to help a specific organization?

Yes, however this takes time and will delay our ability to fulfill their needs. We recommend participating in the Be Silly Project social campaign as a key participant to raise money for your local community needs. You can request help for a specific hospital or organization through this form

If you are a brand looking to collaborate on something at a bigger scale, email besillyproject@gmail.com


PPE shortages

How are you supporting the PPE shortages?

  • We have converted from a full scale apparel design and manufacturing operation to a personal protection equipment (PPE) manufacturer.
  • We are producing isolation gowns, head coverings, boot coverings, coveralls and surgical masks. These supplies are reserved for healthcare workers on the front lines.
  • We are working directly with hospitals and state government agencies to fulfill their PPE needs. 
  • We are actively coordinating with other small factories around the U.S. to share machinery and expertise. Here is a good article on what this has been like since early March. 


What kind of masks do hospitals need?

All of them. The number of messages we have received since we launched this project is jaw dropping. Local hospital units and healthcare facilities are left looking for masks on their own, or wearing one meant for single use - for several days at a time.

While cotton masks do not replace N95, they supplement units and organizations with shortages. This allows them to prioritize N95 use for staff in direct contact with COVID-19 patients. Many hospital workers are wearing a cotton mask over their N95s to help them last longer. 


Do you make N95 masks?

Short answer: No. We aren't allowed or equipped to make these. 

Many hospitals are running out of N95 masks, the industry's highest protection mask. This is a patented product, privately owned and manufactured in China. It's been unclear from the beginning how federal reserves are being allocated or how quickly N95s will be delivered. Also, due to the urgency in which hospitals need N95s, the FDA has advised N95s are not for use of the general public. 

How can I help if I know how to sew?

There are a ton of groups organizing and crowdsourcing homemade masks right now. Do your research and compare, as there is a lot of misleading information on the internet right now. 

Here are our top resources for individuals looking to make their own: